Sunday, May 1, 2016

Make Donating Easy with the AmazonSmile Foundation

Hello SARA Friends!

With one of the most important holidays of the year right, Mother's Day, around the corner, the AmazonSmile Foundation has setup a special link to help supporters of nonprofits not only find ways to show our moms how much we care but also make it easy to contribute to your favorite charities at the same time:
We love the AmazonSmile Foundation and the work that they do and like you, try to remember to use the link every time we shop.  Also like many of you, we occasionally forget and miss out on the opportunity to contribute while doing our every day shopping.  Lucky for us, so many of our friends and supporters happen to be brilliant people and shared with us a way to ensure we never miss out on a chance to give when using Amazon!

If you're interested in making every Amazon purchase a chance to donate, read on!

The AmazonSmile Foundation has a plugin for Mozilla Firefox and an extension for Google Chrome called "AmazonSmile 1Button" that will give you an always present button that takes you to to start your shopping.  For some, that little icon is enough of a reminder.  For others (guilty!) that need a little more help, there are plugins and extensions that make it even easier by redirecting us to every time we visit.

Hopefully this information helps you on your journey to help make the world a better place.

Don't forget your mother this May 8th and please send them our thanks for helping create such wonderful people that we're lucky to call friends!



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